Major’s day at the Mall

Major's DS

Yesterday I went to crashed the Nintendo ‘event’ here in Seattle. I wanted to see how they did it…and it was a pretty underwhelming event. It was not able to connect via the wireless connection, or play as my nickname ‘Xbox Live.’ On the upside I was able to get my DS signed by Reggie (to “Major” none the less.)

[Read Joystiq’s write up on the event here]

[See my Flickr photos here]

Edit: I need to clarify some misinformation around my appearance. I did not go there to bad mouth Nintendo, or talk smack about them (contrary to what some think.) Those that follow my site, know that I am a fan of the DS ?” I think it’s an excellent hand held gaming machine. I just wanted to show what my experience was like at the event. Also, I was very respectful to Reggie, I told him it was a pleasure to meet him, and then welcomed him to the online space. Also, I do need to do some research, since after the event I could not understand why my DS could not connect (even though I can connect at home) and was searching across the internet for help. I was then told by a co-worker that older DS’s may have trouble connecting, I am still researching that, but that may explain my trouble.