Sorry I have not had time to post, but working in the Microsoft booth and doing Xbox demos all day can wear you out. (it sounds like a cop out…but it’s hard work down here.) I want to thank everyone who has been coming by to the booth to say hello and introduce themselves. It is really great to see the faces of some of the people that post here on my blog. If you are still here at CES, I’ll be doing more demos tomorrow and drop by. I have not had much time to look around, so Saturday morning I’ll be able to walk to show floor for the first time and take a look at the cool gadgets that are around every corner. What have you seen that I should look at? I want to look at the Blu-Ray and HD DVD stuff, and of course I’ll be dropping by the XM booth to look at their new receivers. A must see is the Panasonic 103 inch Plasma – yes one hundred and three inches?that’s over 8 FEET of pretty plasma playing space. Of course I’ll need to stop by and play with the Toshiba Gigabeat S series video player that I grabbed from Bill’s hands Wednesday night. One thing is for sure: you can never see all of this show. It’s too big and too much. The show makes E3 look tiny. Vegas is always a little strange, but this weekend it is even stranger: Walking down the Las Vegas strip, you see the hard core gadget geeks mixing with another hardcore crowd. Only in Vegas.