1up WTF List

Oops Hey look …we made number 1 in the 1up “Top Ten WTF Moments of 2005.” I guess that’s not quite the list we’d hope we’d be on. We fared a little better on CNET’S ‘Top 10 Must Have’ list (beaten by the PSP.)

I guess it’s better then not being on any lists at all, huh? We all know that the Core System, or as 1up calls it the “Tard Pack”, is not for everyone…but people must want them since they are also sold out everywhere. By the way, I forgot to mention that we have a third manufacturer (Celestica) coming online in February to help ease the availability pain. Hopefully they’ll won’t be making just Xbox 360 Core Systems. 😉

Thanks to reader Mike-E who pointed the list out

Edit: Hey guys, my comment about the core system was meant with a bit of humor, so please re-read my comment with /humor on.