Attention motorcycle/Xbox fans in the Northwest

The motorcyclist entrhustasts around the Xbox team do a fund raiser each year, and wanted to open up the doors and let folks around here join in. If you are a motorcyclist and an Xbox fan, this is a great chance for you to meet some folks from the Xbox team AND ride for a good cause. Here is the text the group provided:

“Microsoft’s Xbox team is home to a group of motorcyclists that band together for group rides a few times a year. Next month, the Xbox Riders are hosting a big group ride through the great Northwest. They’re inviting the rest of Microsoft and anyone in the community that rides. If you’re an Xbox fan, ride a motorcycle, and can get to Redmond, WA in early April, this is a ride you’ll want to join. It also supports a great charity: the Humane Society of Seattle.

Details on the ride and registration information can be found at here . The Xbox Riders hope to see you there!”