Over 10 Million downloads served

A new press release went out this morning, with some interesting facts I think you guys might like:

“In addition to new games, consumers can extend the experience of existing Xbox 360 titles with new downloadable content available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Microsoft Game Studios confirmed new content for ?oProject Gotham Racing 3,? including exciting cars and achievements. Fans of ?oPerfect Dark: Zero”? will have access to additional content, including downloadable multiplayer maps. In addition, the unique experience of ?oKameo”: Elements of Power”? will be extended through new online cooperative gameplay options and exciting new costumes for Kameo and her warriors”


“Xbox Live Marketplace, a digital download center freely accessible to any Xbox 360 owner with a broadband connection, has reached more than 10 million downloads faster than iTunes did when it launched. In fact, more than 85 percent of connected Xbox 360 consoles have already downloaded content from Xbox Live Marketplace ?” everything from game demos and arcade titles to premier movie trailers and music videos.”

[You can read the complete press release here]