A little Xbox history


As you may (or may not) know, Dean Takahashi is writing “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft’s Next-Generation Video Game Console” which is a follow up to his 2002 book “Opening the Xbox : Inside Microsoft’s Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution

Dean reports on his blog, that he has finished the book and is now in edit mode. To build up a some hype, Dean is releasing a little Xbox history each week until the release of the book on May 9th (the same day E3 opens.) He has the first installment up, and I am sure that the weeks to come will reveal more interesting milestones in the Xbox’s history.

Dean interviewed me last December for the book…I look forward to seeing what (if any) I share with him he’ll include. I just hope I don’t come off sounding like a idiot (or a tool.)