Now your Xbox 360 can blog

It’s creepy and curious…all at the same time. give your Xbox 360 the ability to blog all by itself. In other words, you enter your gamertag at the site, and based on what you do on Xbox Live (games played etc) Xbox360voice will automatically create a blog for your Xbox 360.  Each day your Xbox 360 will blog an entryeven if you dont game. I told you, its kinda scary huh? You can even subscribe to an RSS feed of your Xboxs blogor anyone else’s Xbox that signed up for the service. Gives a new meaning to the term stalker, huh?

So, the next time you go to game and your significant other gives you that lookjust let them know you need to keep your console company or it will get lonelyand point them to your consoles blog as proof.

Major props to Xbox MVP  Fatty Chubbs who created this Blogject.


Edit: fixed grammar