Xbox 360 Marketplace Map

The folks over at have unveiled a new section of their site called the A360P Live Marketplace Map. This site allows you to peruse all of the content currently on the Xbox Live Marketplace. An interesting part is the Marketplace Statistics they compiled from the list:

  • Xbox Live Arcade: 56 downloads costing 13,980 Microsoft Points (U.S. $174.75)
  • Xbox 360 Games: 654 downloads costing 54,030 Microsoft Points (U.S. $675.38)
  • Everything Else: 223 downloads costing 3,780 Microsoft Points (U.S. $47.25)
     *Some items are counted more than once due to content being listed in multiple areas
  • In total, there are 933 downloads available on the Xbox Live Marketplace
  • To buy every download, it would cost 71,790 Microsoft Points (U.S. $897.38)
     *Keep in mind that the actual totals are a little lower than this (outlined above), but are as accurate as they can be

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