Name the Game FAQ


Q: What is this Name the Game I hear about?
A: It is a feature of my weekly blogcast/podcast. You subscribe to my RSS of my weekly show here.

Q: How does it work?
A: I play a short sound clip from an Xbox or an Xbox 360 game. Listeners have to correctly identify it to win

Q: I think I know what this weeks Name the Game now what?
A: Send an email to [email protected] . In the subject line, put Name the game:and your guess. (Example:
Name the game: Halo 2) In the body of the email, include your Xbox Live gamertag (if you have one, but it is not required!) or your first name and where you are from. Do NOT include any other personal information!

Q: Then what? How do you pick a winner?
A: I take all the correct answers I receive each week and enter them into a random drawing. I pull one of the correct answers as a winner.

Q: How will I know if I won?
A: Listen to the next episode, and if you won, youll hear your gamertag or name. I will also email the winner from the email address they sent me.

Q: Can I enter more then once?
A: No, one entry per person, per email, per gamertag,

Q: I dont want any I dont want to enter.
A: Every week, I destroy all of the contest emails I receive. Youll never get spam from me.

Q: How to I get my prize if I won?
A: I will email you and get more details from you.

Q: Can I win a prize if I dont live in the US?
A: Yes.

Q:What do I win?
A:Each week I tell you what the prize is.