Happy 4th Of July

If you live in the US, then you are probably celebrating today (also known as Independence Day) doing one or more of the following: enduring the summer heat, watching a parade, throwing or going to an outdoor barebecue or picnic and (depending on local laws) either firing off or enjoying a fireworks celebration. I was looking for a few fireworks related links to share, but I realized that Wired.com had the best set of links out there, so swing by that site and learn everything you wanted to know about fireworks…from shooting them (with a camera) to how they work. Whatever you are doing, have fun and be careful.

If you don’t live in the US, then I guess today is just a normal Tuesday July 4th for you…so enjoy it anyway you can…like maybe playing the new ‘Prey’ demo, or checking out ‘Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II

BTW: Our offices are closed today, so no new content will be showing up in the Marketplace.