Show #185 (WMA) The one about Madden NFL ’07

This week’s show: Madden NFL ‘07
This weeks show is a collection of interviews I recorded during the ‘Madden Community Day’ at EA’s Tiburon studio near Orlando, FL

(00:00–13:22) Interview: Ben Cammarano, ‘Madden NFL ‘07’ Art Director. Ben talks about creating the look of Madden
(13:22–20:44) Interview: Chuck Blevens,  ‘Madden NFL ‘07’ Product Manager and Allyson Jaeger, ESPN Sports. Chuck and Allyson discuss the upcoming ESPN Madden Pay Per View special.
(Recorded in the EA lobby, so the audio has a little echo to it)
(20:44–31:59) Interview: Ryan Ferwerda, ‘Madden NFL ‘07’ Producer. Ryan talks about his role in creating Madden.

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