X’06 Briefing Day (Or Bringing it Home -Day 8)

Today is Wednesday here in Barcelona, and X’06 kicks off tonight. I will spend the day over at the event venue taking some photos as the crew sets up for tonight’s briefing, and trying to get a handle on the announcements. I’ll be (audio) recording the briefing and posting it as soon as possible…plus we’ll posting the complete briefing video on the X’06 Event Page on Xbox.com as soon as we can following the briefing. Sorry, Xbox.com (US) is not streaming the briefing live..but the UK site is.  You may want to bookmark the Xbox.com X’06 page, as it’s going to start filling up with with screenshots, pictures, video and more after the event kicks off. One more thing: the below list is not all of the Marketplace content for today. More content will go live later today to coincide with the briefing. I will post the moment I have the confirmed list and the content goes live.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Trailer