GoW Tonight?

In case you have not noticed, I got my hands on a copy of Gears of War, and was able to spend some time with it last night. If you get your copy today, look for me tonight in the Multiplayer. Warning: I am pretty good at curb stomping. (If you dont know what that is yet, dont worry.Ill show you.)

Dont have your copy yet? Dont worry, since you have until Emergence Day (this Sunday) which is when the action really begins to kick in.

Other items to note:

Today IS when the game start showing up in store, with a lot of stuff going on around the country so check your local game retailer to see what they have plannedif they have nothing planned, find a new retailer 🙂

In LA? Head over to the Universal Citywalk Gamestop where Cliffy B will be on-hand this afternoon to sign autographs starting at 4pm.

Looks like the reviews are pretty good so far.

GamerAndy has posted some details, plus hes also answering questions about the game in real time on his forums. (Mental note: talk to Andy about his time management skillz)

Did you get your copy yet? What do you think?