‘Rainbow Six Vegas’ face mapping

Major Nelson in a Video Game!I was playing around with the face mapping in Rainbow Six Vegas (released this week) and Id thought youd like to see the results. (More images on Flickr site.) If you have an Xbox Live Vision Camera and you are connected to Xbox Live, you can go into the Multiplayer menu and one of the options is to customize your character with your own face. Its quick and easyand comes out with some surprising results. After working the camera a little bit with a straight on face shot, and then a side shotRSV goes to work and take the two images crunches them for a while (23 mins) to form a digital version of yourself that you can then use in game. 

I actually found it pretty useful since I quickly recognized my team mates faces (instead of having to look for their Gamertag) as we were working our way through the 4player co-op. If you have the Xbox 360 version of RSV and a Vision camera, give it a try. I guess this is the closest Ill ever come to being in a video game.