Call of Duty 3 Valor Map Pack

Name: Call of Duty 3 Valor Map Pack
Price: 800 Points
NOT Available in: All Xbox Live regions
Dash Details: Five all-new Call of Duty 3 multiplayer maps for online, split-screen, and System Link play! Battle it out in abandoned prison camp in Stalag 23. Engage in epic house-to-house fighting in a rural French village in La Bourgade. Navigate the battered warehouses and naval machinery of an oceanfront shipyard in Ironclad. Launch an all-out assault across a battleground choke point in The Crossing. Take cover in the thick trees and overgrowth of a mountaintop listening post in Wildwood.

Edit: It turns out there is an issue w/ the map pack. The developer is aware and we’re all working on it. You can track the progress and updates from the developer here.