Crackdown DLC Now available

I already posted the complete list of what each package contains, and now it is time to deliver the goods.

The title update, the free DLC (‘Free-for all pack’) and the premium DLC (‘Getting’ Busy Bonus Pack’ – 800 points) are now all available to Xbox Live members.*

There is also four new Crackdown picture packs and one theme now available.

*DLC is not available in Japan, Germany or Portugal.

Edit: Some folks are having issues w/ the DLC and Saved Games…the teams are investigating.

Edit: I heard from thte team, and they are aware that the recently released “Crackdown” DLC is causing some gamers to experience a reset of their saved games when they engage in co-op play. They have identified this problem and outlined instructions to avoid the issue, which can be found by visiting the official “Crackdown” site. A permanent solution will be released with the game’s next Title Update, which will be available in the very near future.