Today’s mysterious package

Odd looking packages

A strange package appeared at my office yesterday. I was not expecting anything, so I was a little nervous. I slowly opened it up and pulled out the packaging to be greeted with two well wrapped odd objects and a letter. I pulled the letter out and read it, and it was a nice note from the team at The Behemoth. If you remember waaaay back to February 26th, when I interviewed John Baez from the The Behemoth he was telling me about their latest game Alien Hominid HD. During the interview, John was telling me that they were going to offer real tangible trophies for gamertags at the top of the AH HD leaderboards each week. Since I work at Xbox and not eligible to get one, they made a special one for me complete with a mark of authenticity in the base.

I have posted photos of the trophy (and letter/packaging) on Flickr.

Thanks guys!

(In case you were wondering, the trophy was actually two pieces -the base and the top – that I had to assemble myself.)