Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas Player’s Pack Black Edition In Game

Name: Player’s Pack: Black Edition
Price: 800 Points
Availability: All Xbox Live regions
Dash Details: Not to be outdone by the Red Edition, the award winning development team for Rainbow Six Vegas continues to raise the stakes on the game Team Xbox called the “Multiplayer Game of the year” with the all new Player’s pack: Black Edition. This pack includes 5 maps; 3 new never before seen maps like Red Lotus and Wartown, a reduxed version of Streets, and a very special appearance by an original classic, PRESIDIO from the award-winning Rainbow Six 3. Place your bets on the Player’s Packs: Black Edition to complete the ultimate Vegas experience.
Size: 705.5 MB (approx.)

Edit: This has been pulled. Ill let you know when it makes a return.