Major Nelson’s Dedicated G4W LIVE Server

As promised, I have set up a dedicated server for some LIVE enabled Games for Windows. I figured this would be a good way for blog readers to meet each other on LIVE for some gaming and exchange gamertags. Using the creative gamertag of Hryb (which I needed to grab anyway) I was able to borrow a high end gaming rig, throw Vista Ultimate on it, install Halo 2 Vista and were good to go. Currently, the server is using the default H2V playlist, which is kind of lame, but I did not have time to tweak any of the game modes today. I am open to anyone who may want to create a custom H2V playlist and email it to me. If its any good, Ill load it up for everyone to enjoy. Also, dont bother sending a playlist with any Shotty Sniper modes. 😉

The server will not be up all the time, as I use that PC for other things. I am only running one server at a time, so hit my servers profile page and check the Current Status to see if I am online, and what game I am serving. Right now, it will be either Halo2 Vista or Shadowrun.

Dont send any friends request to that tag, as I am not accepting any friends on that tag there nor will I read any of the messages you send to it. This tag is strictly for running a server for the community.

Shadowrun fans: tomorrow Ill rotate in a Shadowrun dedicated server

Have fun and Ill see you in there.