Headed out for E3 ’07

For me, the week of E3 begins today. I am traveling to Santa Monica a day before the rest of the Xbox.com team, the Gamerscoreblog crew and TriXie so I can get the lay of the land, and figure out what is what and where is where. As I am sure you have heard, this year will be quite different (read: smaller) then in years past, so I really dont know what to expect. While I am thinking of it, can we have a moment of silence for Kentia hall?

Ok, now on to this years event.

Tuesday night is the big Microsoft Briefing, held outdoors under the stars. Here is an aerial shot of the Santa Monica High School Amphitheater, where it will be held. This should give you a rough idea of the venue:

The Xbox events team has completely converted the theater in to a very classy event space…complete with a HUGE HD outdoor screen on stage to show off all of the gaming goodness. I was also told they rigged up a huge surround audio system to complete the sensory experience. As long as the weather holds up it promises to be a pleasant evening.

Even though the event is invitation only, you can catch the entire briefing (and the pre-show) Tuesday night starting at 9p ET/6p PT on G4TV (check here to see if G4 is available in your area.) You can also watch the live Webcast on Xbox.com when the briefing starts at 11:30p ET/8:30p PT. Don’t worry if you miss anything, we’ll have a highlight video posted the following morning as part of Xbox.com’s complete E3 coverage. Immediately after the briefing (or as soon as I can encode-n-upload) I’ll have you covered with the complete audio of the briefing that I’ll add into my iTunes, MP3 and WMA feeds. Later on in the week, you’ll be able to download a Hi Def version (as well as a lot more E3 related content) from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as part of the popular ‘Bringing It Home‘ campaign.

I have to head to my gate now, so I’ll post more of the weeks events when I have some time. As usual, keep an eye on my Twitter stream for updates through out the week. If you don’t get textually excited and need something more visual, I’ll be shooting photos up to my Flickr site as time permits.

Posted from the Main Terminal at Sea-Tac