My Fall ’07 travel schedule

I am leaving today for my 14–day trip of global gaming goodness. Here is my schedule:

Today thorough Monday the 17th – I will be in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios as I join Geoff Keighly to co-host the World Cyber Games USA National Finals. If you are in Central Florida, or better yet in the park, come by Sound stage 33 and say hello. Maybe we can get a bunch of folks to hit a few of the attractions although, it looks like we may be getting a bit wet.

Sept. 17: Travel Day to Tokyo
Sept.18-Sept. 23: Tokyo Game Show 
Sept. 23: Travel to NYC
Sept 24: Halo 3 Launch event, NYC (I’ll post details about it next week)

All of these events will be covered extensively on, and I’ll post direct links when I have stuff for you to look at.

Here are a few items to keep in mind as I travel:

  • I may get a little behind on Marketplace content, but I will post updates as soon as I get a stable connection. As usual, let’s keep each other up to date on what new stuff you may notice on the Marketplace. If anything big comes along, I’ll see if I can get e to make a post if I am not available.
  • I will not be doing any normal shows until I get back. I will, however, be posting random audio interviews I capture during my travels.
  • It’s best to watch my Twitter site or keep an eye on the Twitter box in the left margin on the site for more frequent (and sometimes meaningless) updates.