Halo 3 Event (Seattle area)

If you live in the Seattle and you want to help out a local (Seattle) charity,  join semi-regular podcast guest Scott Henson (gamertag: Bear) at this special event taking place Monday night.

There are a few things that make this charity event stand out:

You don’t have to wait in line to get your copy of Halo 3 at midnight.  Through our partnership with the local Circuit City, we will be able to make copies available at midnight at the party.  Play for hours at the party, pick up your copy there and keep playing all night long!

Scott says he will have some of the coolest raffle prizes (and everyone who registers gets 2 entries into the raffle (worth $20).  In there you will see 3 legendary editions of Halo 3, 3 Halo 3 wireless headsets, 3 signed copies of signed copies of Ghost of Onyx by the author, one of a kind hoodies that only celebrities like have received, concept art for the packaging, and more.

I’ll be in New York, otherwise I would be hanging with Scott and the other Xbox team members that will be at the event –  why not join them for this good cause ?

Complete details here

Edit: Scott just sent me some updated information about the event:

“We just got some great news today for the event.  The grand prize for the raffle at the event is actually going to be the Xbox 360 Halo Edition Console!!

Due to overwhelming demand, we are also allowing people to bring 1 guest with them when they register “