The Ultimate Halo 3 Package

I am headed home from the spectacular Halo 3 launch here in New York. If you missed any of the action, you can see complete coverage of the New York and the Seattle area launch events on If you have not had a chance, check out the ‘Ultimate Halo 3 Package’ auction for charity. In this package is:

  • The ONLY Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 console that has been personally signed by Bill Gates.
  • The ONLY Limited Edition Halo 3 Zune 30 GB media player personally signed by J Allard.
  • The entire Halo Trilogy: Two copies of Halo 3 (Legendary Edition and Standard Edition), plus the Halo Triple Pack for Xbox (Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack)
  • Xbox 360 HD DVD player.
  • Rare special aluminum storage case with over $400 worth of accessories (two Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers with an exclusive Todd McFarlane Collectable Figurine, Messenger Kit, HDMI AV cable, extra 120 GB hard drive, and a Halo 3 T-shirt).

This eBay auction is ending October 4th….so what are you waiting for?

Posted at gate C10, LaGuardia Airport