What would you say to leaders of services at Microsoft ?

As you know, I work on the Xbox LIVE product team (the men and women that actually build and maintain the LIVE service) and I frequently talk to other parts of the company about their services and what they are building. From Windows Live Search, Expo, Hotmail, Spaces, Office Live, Frontbridge, and Live.com (to name a few) the company has quite the assortment of software + services.

Early next week I am attending a small internal meeting where many of the key service decision makers (like Ray Ozzie) from across the company are going to get together and have an open discussion about our service offerings, compare practices, and talk strategy. What do you think we don’t ‘get’? I know Google may be better in some areas, but what makes them better? What makes us not as good?

If you had ten minutes with the CTO of Microsoft, what kind of advice would you offer? What questions would you ask? During the two day meeting, I’ll be sharing some of the comments here with the attendees to let them know what the community thinks of the companies offerings and strategy. So go ahead and be honest, I’m listening and I’ll share it with the right people next week.

Edit: Some folks missued the point here …thing BIGGER then Xbox or Xbox LIVE.