New blog theme

If you are reading this post in your RSS reader, swing by the blog to check out the new theme. Litheon has been busy working up a new look for the site. Here are some bullet points he shared with me about the newness:

  • There is now a column on the right side to minimize vertical scrolling whenever possible (and the column also supports being collapsed to optimize the site for screens with a lower resolution, see the Hide right column link in the search box)
  • Comments now display a more or less full gamercard (except the reputation aspect) instead of just the Gamertag, country, and subscription level
  • Maximization of horizontal space for widescreen monitors
  • New header image (courtesy of Sinnix over at 360prophecy.comthanks Sinnix!)
  • Rounded edges and gradients for a more Web 2.0 look

Although we are happy about the new theme there are some things we think readers of the site might want changed, but we would rather hear what you all have to say about the theme before making modifications to it.

Here are some questions we would like feedback on:

  • What do you think of the navigation area at the top left of the page?
  • What do you think of the link colors? Should the ones in content areas be changed based on what the link is in regard to?
  • Do the rounded corners look good or does it just look like there’s just too much of an attempt at creating a Web 2.0 look?
  • Even if you use the sidebar collapse link on the top of the right side does it seem like there isn’t enough space horizontally? (Especially when viewing a post’s comments)
  • Do the posts seem to run together? Should there be more differentiation between them?
  • How do you think anonymous comments should be dealt with? Should they be hidden by default?
  • Is there anything else you don’t like about the theme? Colors too bright or repeated too much?

Thanks in advance for your thoughful feedback.