Show #265 The one with Burnout and the Garageband test

This week’s show: 
Co-host : e 
Recent game news
Interview: Derek Andersen and Jino Talens on Burnout Paradise
Why the show is a little different this week.
and more…

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51:19, 31.7 MB, MP4

Production notes:
As you will hear, this is a different style of show.  I am experiementing in producing an enhanced podcast. In order to decrease production complexity my regular features are not includes this week. They will return next week.  This is an MP4 file, and if you have an iPod, this file has chapter markers, chapter artwork and (if you are listening in desktop software) weblinks embedded in the file. Most other digitnal media players will still be able to hear the audio, but will not see the advanced functions. If you would like the standard MP3, I have made a comment below with a link.

Link dump (links to a few of the things I mention in this episode):