Gone Diving

As I have mentioned numerous times on my podcast, I am going to be out of the country for the next week on vacation (or Holiday as they say in other parts of the world.) I am going to be completely off the grid as I take a cruise through the Caribbean and enjoy some Scuba diving. No LIVE. No blog posts. No shows. No Twitter. Obviously, during the 10-days of my self induced communication exile, I won’t be posting the usual features like the Top 10 list or Marketplace Round-ups. e and Litheon have volunteered to step in and try and post any demos or DLC that may come along but they wont’ be posting them the moment they go up on Marketplace. Therefore, If you see something new on Markeplace, feel free to make a comment about it so you can keep each other informed.
To keep up on all the latest official news and press releases, check out my friends at the Gamerscoreblog.

I’ll resume posting when I return on Tuesday, March 25th. Maybe by then, e will have finished COD4

Thanks to everyone who sent me email with their suggestions of places to go and things to do during this time and enjoy the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 release next week. 

See you next week.