BioShock Audio

More in game audio! Elizabeth at 2K Games heard me talking about how I want to post more game audio on my site. Thanks to her, I have a little bit of BioShock audio to share with you. These are nice clean audio files, taken directly from the digital master files used to create the game. The files includes my personal favorite: audio from the vending machine. Longtime listeners of my show will recognize who puts the voice and attitude in said machine

Vending Machine: Circus of Values (long)
Vending Machine: Circus of Values (short)
Vending Machine: Come back when you get some money…
Vending Machine: I’ve got a family to feed
Vending Machine: No Refunds
Gatherers Garden
In the Garden…

All files have been encoded at 256k MP3.

Edit: I’d love to hear how you use these sounds. Ring tone? new mail alert? Let me know.