A few things for your Wednesday

Before the week is out, be sure to check out UnlocktheAchievement.com for the scavenger hunt they are running to benefit St. Jude’s. Thanks to Devin for organizing this virtual event for a great cause.

This weekend is the Legendary Weekend, so download the maps and brush up on your Haloz and win. While I am on the subject of legends, I am Legend is available the (US) Video Marketplace. The movie is based on the book of the same name…but what a lot of people may not know is that the book actually inspired two movies before the Will Smith block-buster. 1971’s The Omega Man and  1964’s The Last Man on Earth. All three movies are available right now in HD on Video Marketplace.

Football fans will find out this Friday who is going to get the Madden curse cover this year as EA holds the big unveil event in New York City. Keep an eye on Inside Xbox for reports directly from the event in NYC. As a mid-week time waster, Xbox.com has a walk down memory lane with a page showing all the covers from the past twenty years.

Finally, if you want to win a custom Xbox 360 Guitar controller (that will work with favorite GH or Rock Band game) head over to the Xbox All-Nighter on how you can get walk away with one of the coolest controllers I have ever seen come into the Xbox headquarters:
Check out this Axe
Also, Keep an eye on my Twitter tonight…I’ll be posting a few mystery marketplace codes to redeem on your console. When I post the code, the first person to successfully redeem it wins. Since each code is only good once, you have to be fast. The easiest way to enter a code is to go to the Marketplace blade and click Redeem Code. This opportunity is open to everyone with an Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE. Good luck!