My first set of GTA IV stats

After spending a little over three hours (and getting two achievements) with GTA IV I decided to share the results of my first 10 days in Liberty City:

Game Progress:  6.98%
Missions Passed: 10
Missions Failed: 2
Missions Attempted:16
Replays Used: 2
Current Money: $581
Times busted:1
Times Died: 4
People killed:45
Saves Made: 1
Playing Time: 03:07:58
Addiction Level: Coming Up
Longest non-stop game: 01:13:02 
Favorite Radio Station: Vladivostok FM
Least favorite radio station: The Classics 104.1
Times Cheated: 0
Days Passed: 10
Roman like: 85.00 %
Roman respect: 100.00 %
Roman mission progress: 40.00 %
Vlad mission progress: 50.00 %
Jacob like: 52.00 %
Jacob respect: 55.00 %
Jacob mission progress: 50.00%

You can find this information when you pause the game, and go to the Stats section, then General.

I’ll spare you the rest of the stats, but I wanted to see how you guys and girls were doing so far. Feel free to post you most interesting official statistic from the game.