Setting your region


When we launched the Marketplace on last year, you could for the first time, send content from Marketplace directly to your Xbox 360 download queue from any computer. Normally, it’s pretty easy….you click a link and add the item to your download queue, but I’ve noticed some confusion and questions regarding these links and more specifically around regions. 


Here are some of the questions I’ve seen, and some of the answers:


Q: When I click a Marketplace link on your blog, I see content that is not for my region. How do I fix this?

A: To easily ensure you are looking at Marketplace content for your region, go to and look on the top left hand side of the page, click the link that says International:


From the next page, choose the appropriate region for your Xbox LIVE account. This will ensure that you will see content that is available in your region. Now when you click Marketplace links, you’ll be directed to the appropriate content.


Q: If I change my region on will it actually change the region my Xbox LIVE account is associated with?

A: No. When you select a region on, this does NOT change what region your Xbox LIVE account is associated with, it only filters to that specific region. Note, the region that your Xbox 360 is set up for is the only region for which you can download content. In other words, your console region trumps your region; I’m just showing you how to make sure you can easily find what is available for YOU.


Q: How do I confirm for which region my Xbox LIVE account is set?

A: Sign in to the LIVE ID Billing and Account Management site with your Windows LIVE ID. At the top of the page click Go To Personal Information. On this page look at the Country / Region field for your region. Click the image below and you’ll see my Country/Region is United States.

Find out your region!

Q: Why is (insert game add one, movie, video etc.) not available in my region?

A: Read my post on Marketplace content. It may help explain the (sometimes) circuitous path of licensing and legal issues that can cause you angst.