At E3? Come by and get the first Xbox Avatar prop


In his letter to the community yesterday, Xbox LIVE’s Marc Whitten (Notwen) outlined some of the new things we’re bringing to the Xbox LIVE service later this year. One of the new features we have is called props which will allow you to add cool new items for your avatar to interact with. If you are attending E3 this year, you have a very special opportunity to get the very first prop: An 2009 E3 Trophy cup that will commemorate your attendance to this years show.


All you need to do is drop by the Xbox 360 booth and sign up. Later this year, we’ll email you a code for your prop that you can download from the upcoming Avatar Marketplace.
Look for the special sign up computer we’ve set up in the Xbox LIVE section of the booth. (South Hall, Booth 1523)  If you’re having trouble finding the right section, it’s on the side facing Ubisoft’s booth.

Tell them Major sent you.