LIVE Activity List update


Yesterday I posted the TOP LIVE Activity list which I have since learned contained a manual error in the reporting data for the week of September 13th.


I have just the list but I also wanted to share an interesting data point: (that has been double checked) Halo: Reach was the number one game on Xbox LIVE for the past seven days and had nearly four times as many unique users playing the game on Xbox LIVE vs. Halo 3 for the week of Sept. 13.


Bungie has posted even more interesting numbers as well.


I have corrected the list has which shows Halo: Reach as the number two game on Xbox LIVE for the period of Sept. 13 – 19 (having only been available from September 14th onwards), followed by Halo: 3 in third place.  I hope that clears things up.


Now, once I finish the Reach campaign, anyone know of some good Excel classes I can take ?