Kinect Review Mega Round-Up


Here are links to some of the Kinect and Kinect game reviews that I’ve tracked down online. I am sure there are more to come, so let me know in the comments if I missed any.



1UP: Dance Central Review

Bloomberg: Microsoft Uses Kinect to Combat Nintendo Wii, Lure Gamer Moms

CNBC: Demand seen high for Microsoft Kinect gaming system

CNBC: Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’ Bet Looks to Be Paying Off

CNET Microsoft Kinect: The launch lineup

CNET Does Kinect hate your small apartment?

CNET Kinect Software Launch Lineup

CNET Microsoft Kinect: The software launch lineup tested (photos)
CNET Kinect Sports Review

CNET Kinectimals Review

Engadget: Get your Kinect launch coverage at Joystiq!

Engadget: Kinect for Xbox 360 review

Engadget: The daily roundup: here’s what you might’ve missed

Game Pro: Tell us how you really feel: are you buying Kinect?
GameSpot: Kinect at Home

GameSpot: Kinectimals Review

GameSpot: Kinect has problems recognizing dark-skinned users?

GameSpot: Kinect Sports Review

GameSpot: Kinectimals Video Review
GameTrailers: Kinect Sports

GameTrailers: Kinect Adventures

GameTrailers: Kinectimals

Gizmodo: Xbox Kinect Review: It’s a Brand New Console [Video]

Gizmodo: How Motion Detection Works in Xbox Kinect [Xbox]

IGN: Adrenalin Misfits Review

IGN: Dance Central Kinect Review

IGN: Microsoft Kinect Review

IGN: Microsoft Kinect Video Review

IGN: Kinect Review Central

IGN: Kinectimals Review

IGN: Kinect Adventures Review

IGN: Kinect Sports Review

IGN: Kinect Joy Ride Review

Joystiq: Microsoft predicts 5m Kinect units sold this Xmas (more than the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii launches)

Joystiq: Kinect Sports review: A first-round pick

Joystiq: Kinect’s first purchasers talk about camping out, system’s potential

Joystiq: Your Shape Fitness Evolved review: More work than workout

Joystiq: Kinect Joy Ride review: Driving in the ‘so?’ lane

Joystiq: Dance Central review: Body movin’

Joystiq: Kinectimals review: Meet Dave

Joystiq: Kinect review: The hardware and experience

Kotaku: Kinect From All The Angles, Plus Beans

Kotaku: Suckerpunched Again!

Kotaku: Kinect Flood Incoming

Kotaku: Examining Kinect’s Minority Report Effect

Kotaku: Review: Dance Central

Kotaku: Configuring A Room For Kinect: A Tale of Two Homes

Kotaku: Review: Kinect Sports

Kotaku: Review: Kinect Adventures

Kotaku: Review: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Kotaku: Review: Kinectimals

Kotaku: What We Loved, What We Hated About the Xbox 360 Kinect

Kotaku: Review: Kinect Joy Ride

Kotaku: Review: Kinect
Kotaku: 9 Days With Kinect, My Video Diary

Kotaku: The Sights, Sounds and Dancing Armies Of Kinect’s NYC Launch

Los Angeles Times: Marketing Kinect: What would Don Draper do?

MSNBC: Microsoft sees 5 million sales of motion-sensing …

MSNBC: Review: Kinect surprisingly fun
MSNBC: Kinect for Xbox 360 to cost $150 – Tech & Science –

New York Times: Kinect for Xbox Helps Users Feel the Rush, and Maybe Sweat …

New York Times: Kinect by Microsoft Keeps You Entertained Hands Free

Reuters: Demand seen high for Microsoft Kinect gaming system

San Francisco Chronicle: Business Report| Heads Up

San Francisco Chronicle: Microsoft Uses Kinect to Combat Nintendo Wii, Lure Gamer Moms

San Jose Mercury News: Wolverton: Kinect doesn’t quite connect for me
San Jose Mercury News: Review: Kinect may be future of gaming

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Microsoft launches Xbox Kinect on Thursday (reminder)

Seattle Times: Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox: fun, futuristic, a little creepy

USA Today|Game Hunters: ‘Dance Central’ gets intro from Rihanna

USA Today|Game Hunters: Review: Microsoft Kinect marks big leap for motion gaming

USA Today|Tech: Let the showdown of video-game motion sensors begin

Washington Post: Xbox’s Kinect: hands-free gaming in large living rooms

WIRED|Game Life: Review: Flawed Kinect Offers Tantalizing Glimpse at Gaming’s Future

WIRED: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft’s Kinect


Update: Here are a few more First impressions: Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system

Destructoid: Review: Kinect for Xbox 360

GeekSugar: Kinect Review Pt. 1: The Way of the Future?

MTV Multiplayer: Kinect Review – Is It Worth Your $150?

New York Daily News: Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

Puget Sound Business Journal: Putting Kinect in perspective, after a week in the living room Esperando revolucionar o mercado, Microsoft lança Kinect nesta quinta-feira

Shacknews: Kinect Review

Gdgt: Kinect Review