Inside Xbox videos now available on YouTube and your mobile device

slot-197x148-InsideXboxSlot-v2 Just as Inside Xbox settles into its new home on the Video Channel of the new Xbox LIVE Dash, Inside Xbox is also jumping out of the console to appear on YouTube and LIVE’s new iOS App (My Xbox LIVE), in addition to its ongoing availability on Windows Phone (Xbox LIVE Hub Spotlight) and .   Featuring many of popular weekly shows including Insider Moves, Major’s Minute and SentUAMessage. Plus you can learn more about your Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox LIVE from Xbox 101.

Inside Xbox
first debuted on the dash in 2008.  Today with an international lineup of more than 30 shows, Inside Xbox is enjoyed by million of viewers in 24 countries around the world

Update: Here is a video on did about the Companion App, iOS app and YouTube