Our Next Google Hangout On Air

In lieu of a podcast this week, were going to do a Hangout On Air! Join us this Thursday April 19th at 10p ET/ 7p PT (What time is this in your time zone) where we’ll talk about what we’re playing, PAX East, take some of your questions and try to have fun for an hour or so.

Once we are live, I’ll post a link on Twitter or you can just add me to circle and you’ll see the Hangout pop up in your feed.

PLUS, this month I am trying something different. Since Google + has a limit of 500 comments on a post and you need to refresh the page to see new comments, I am also going to create a Cover It Live session (below) where we will take your questions and you can chat with others while watching the LIVE session.

I am hoping it provides a better experience than the G+ comments.