Bioshock Infinite Sounds

As you know I am a big fan of game audio (and audio in general) so I asked the fine folks at Irrational Games for some audio from Bioshock Infinite. They sent over a couple of files that fit the bill:

“New Objective” Ringtone (This is the tone heard in game whenever a new objective is given to the player)

“Step On Up” Ringtone (This is what one of the vending machines says when you walk near it)

You can preview them above and download a ZIP file containing both files in your preferred format:


.M4R (for iOS)

Also, Irrational has posted 5 additional audio clips to download from their blog (“Salt Machine” is now my text tone)

Collect ‘em all!

Also: Here are some sound files from the original Bioshock I posted back in 2008 in case you missed ‘em the first time

Note: These audio clips are provided for personal, non-commercial use only