Xbox at E3 2013: A European Perspective

Watching the Xbox keynote yesterday and hearing all the announcements from E3, it’s clear that we’re seeing an unprecedented explosion of talent, innovation and creativity in the game development community. I counted eight nationalities represented at our keynote, which not only speaks to the ever-increasing globalization of gaming, but also the amazing diversity of global talent making games for Xbox One. I’d like to call out some of my personal ‘E3 announce’ favourites. They all stand out for different reasons and they all originate from Europe.

UK-based Rare’s new Xbox One exclusive game, “Kinect Sports Rivals,” is set to reinvent sports games and deliver motion sports experiences never before possible in the living room using the power of Kinect and the cloud. You will come alive in a new world of sports, with continuous online tournaments and events that get you into the action. It’s going to be sensational and I am really looking forward to being able to show you more soon…

I was proud that my friend Marc Whitten introduced you to Upload Studio from London’s Soho Productions yesterday. He showed for the first time how your magical gameplay moments are captured via GameDVR and then with Upload Studio you can powerfully customize your personal game broadcast with advanced editing and video FX features. Curating recorded gaming clips and sharing them with the world on your own Upload Channel is an unprecedented console feature and only available on Xbox One.*

Developed in
Crytek’s Frankfurt Studio, “Ryse: Son of Rome” was the title that stood out visually more than any other for me at yesterday’s conference. With Xbox One-exclusive features like Xbox SmartGlass, Game DVR, Kinect and expanded Achievements, you’ll be able to extend the gameplay experience and manage your character’s progress with your mobile or tablet device, record and share your best gameplay moments with friends, and command legions with your voice. That’s an extraordinary feature set. I’ve played “Ryse” and love it. I have a hunch you will, too.

And finally I love “Quantum Break” from Remedy Entertainment, Finland’s premiere console developer. Remedy are pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling by blurring the lines between gaming and television. Your choices shape a custom-edited cut of the TV show, and watching helps you unlock unique opportunities within the game to deliver a deep entertainment experience that’s unique to Xbox One. I love the idea of being stuck in the middle of a time stutter and seeing the world frozen around you – it’s visually stunning and with a story that is really intriguing.

It’s a privilege to be part of the beginning of the Xbox One story, and with so much of it heralding from top European talent.

But that’s not all. In addition to these amazing Microsoft Studios titles, Xbox will continue to foster a truly global community of independent developers. Xbox has helped over two hundred indie developers bring over 400 titles to market – generating over US$1 billion in sales. Which means more great games for you, the player – and this commitment will continue on Xbox One.

Developer talent is not only the core of Xbox’s DNA, it’s why I get out of bed in the morning (right after my two young sons jump on me!). Creating new worlds, devising new characters and storylines, taking technology and interactive experiences in directions designed to wow audiences – it’s wonderful to be part of this business, it really is. Not only does Xbox have an incredible technology and online vision but we are fortunate to work with some hugely talented creative people and development partners.

Everyone at Microsoft Studios in Europe, together with our colleagues elsewhere across the extended global Studio network, are working together to transform entertainment into extraordinary, connected experiences, powered by the cloud, first and best on Microsoft platforms.

At Xbox we are committed to making Xbox One the place to enjoy the most amazing games and entertainment – wherever you live. Our motivation is to create those magical game experiences to surprise and delight you – the player. Thank you for your continued support and passion for what we do.

Watch this space for further announcements about future titles and I look forward to seeing everyone at Gamescom, Cologne in August.


* Upload Studio available for supported games.