Popular Science Honors Kinect for Xbox One with 2013 “Best of What’s New” Award

We’re humbled (and thrilled) that Xbox One has been recognized for another top industry award—this time by Popular Science as a winner of their annual “Best of What’s New” awards for our new and improved Kinect for Xbox One!

Each year, editors at
Popular Science look for the 100 innovations that are reshaping the future by making our world better and more efficient. We’re excited that Kinect for Xbox One was called out in the entertainment category for its more powerful camera and ability to map skeletal and muscular movement, estimate heart rate and track emotions.

“For more than a quarter century,
Popular Science has devoted its December issue to the year’s most remarkable innovations. The Best of What’s New Awards is our magazine’s top honor, and the 100 awardees are selected from a pool of thousands,” said Cliff Ransom, Executive editor, “and each winner is handpicked and revolutionary in its own way. Whether they’re poised to change the world or simplify your living room, the Best of What’s New awardees challenge us to see the future in a new light.”

Kinect for Xbox One appears in the December 2013 issue of
Popular Science magazine, which is currently on newsstands.