Inside The Amazon Instant Video Experience On Xbox One

Xbox One launches today and we’re happy to announce that Amazon Instant Video will be available from the moment you fire it up for the first time! Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will find the same level of high quality service they’ve come to expect from Amazon Instant Video, with smooth 1080p streaming and a wide selection of movies and TV shows. You’ll be able to watch streaming exclusives such as Amazon Originals like “Alpha House” and “Betas,” as well as other popular shows including “Grimm,” “Suits,” “Justified,” “Tosh.0” and many more.

In addition, the Amazon Instant Video app takes advantage of other Xbox One features like Achievements, Pinning, and the OneGuide.  Gamers are already familiar with achievements and now they have been expanded to entertainment apps with the addition of Media Achievements.

The Amazon Instant Video and Xbox One teams are continually looking to make the viewing experience better for the Xbox L
ive community and the next two features deliver on this goal.  Xbox 360 owners have always been able to pin the Amazon Instant Video app in the My Pins section of the dashboard, but this has been improved upon in the Xbox One. Not only will pins be readily accessible to the left of the opening home dashboard, users can also pin specific movies. For example, a super-fan who just can’t get enough of blockbuster hits like “Skyfall” or “Marvel’s The Avengers” can pin these specific titles to the dashboard through the Amazon Instant Video app and, upon clicking them, can jump right into viewing.

Amazon Instant Video also utilizes Xbox One’s OneGuide to help viewers get to the content faster. Amazon Instant Video content is displayed in three set categories (Top Movies on Prime Instant Video, Top TV on Prime Instant Video, and For the Kids) for quick and easy browsing outside of the app.  So if Xbox One users are looking for the top movies on Prime Instant Video or for something for the family to watch together, titles can be instantly accessed through the OneGuide.

With the power of the Xbox One, Amazon Instant Video makes watching your favorite movies and TV shows even better.  So download the app on Xbox One, sign up for a free one month trial of Prime Instant Video and enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.