Our Five Favorite Fable Weapons Remastered in Fable Anniversary

With the February 4th release of “Fable Anniversary” just around the corner, we here at Xbox Wire figured this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of our favorite memories from “Fable” and “Fable: The Lost Chapters.” This week, we’ll reveal some of our favorite remastered weapons from the game. Nearly all of them fall into the Legendary Weapon category, as that’s what makes them so memorable. Because, really, does anyone consider the Iron Longsword as their favorite weapon?

The Harbinger – Much like the legend of King Arthur’s Excalibur, The Harbinger is found buried in a stone at the Temple of Avo. The sword can’t ever be pulled out on your first try. Instead, you must upgrade your physique, health, and toughness a specific number of times after you give it a shot for the first time. The lore behind The Harbinger is also some of the coolest in the series. After forging it, twins Elda and Essa used The Harbinger to cut off each other’s hands to ensure the world would never see anything like it.  

Skorm’s Bow – The most powerful ranged weapon in “Fable,” this longbow was rumored to have belonged to the god Skorm. It even looks powerful, feating a blood red plate that encompasses the wielder’s hand. While it’s a great weapon, it comes with one major catch: you’ve got to sacrifice followers at the Chapel of Skorm to load up on evil points. Skorm’s Bow can do more damage per hit than any non-augmented weapon thanks to the fact it can be charged up indefinitely. One hit kills, anyone?

The Sentinus – Belonging to the bodyguard of Archon (the first ruler of the Old Kingdom), The Sentinus is a greatmace that can be obtained by donating a certain number of coins to the Temple of Avo. Your alignment dictates how many coins you need to be prepared to drop: fully good Heroes will need to spend up to 300,000 coins, while those with an evil alignment can get it for under 40,000 coins. Fans of Japanese mythology will likely notice that The Sentinus looks a lot like the kanabo that are frequently wielded by Oni demons.

Katana Hiryu – Speaking of Japan, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this Legendary Weapon that would make even the most stoic samurai jealous. The Katana Hiryu (fun fact: hiryu is Japanese for “flying dragon”) is one of the most powerful light weapons in the game and can be obtained without any fighting or killing. In fact, this is one of the rare cases in which it pays to be a lover and not a fighter, as it’s hidden inside a chest in Bowerstone Manor. We’ll leave it to you to figure out how to get in there, but suffice it to say that we sure do hope you’re the marrying type.

The Frying Pan – OK, so the Frying Pan isn’t a Legendary Weapon, but that won’t keep us from listing it as one of our favorites. Not only does it look awesome (it’s got an impression of someone’s face on its surface!), it’s got a whopping five augmentation slots that can turn it into one heck of a powerful weapon. One of the neat things about the Frying Pan is that if you find it before you unlock six treasure clues, it won’t be augmentable and will not cause any damage to enemies. It pays to put in the effort of tracking down all of the clues!

Hopefully this list of weapons got you excited to get your hands on “Fable Anniversary” when it releases on February 4th. Be sure to check back in soon for another entry in which we’ll be taking a look at some of the most memorable side quests in “Fable.”