House of Cards Season Two Premieres on Netflix on Feb. 14

When it premiered in February of 2013, the Netflix original series “House of Cards” was lauded by critics and fans alike for its intricate narrative and innovative delivery. Rather than asking fans to wait a week between episodes, Netflix gave everyone what they’ve always wanted from a first-run premium TV show: the ability to watch any episode at any time. It was perfect for both binge-watchers and busy bodies, as you could watch the entire season in a day or over the course of month. The show was rewarded with a rabid audience and a number of prestigious awards, including the first ever Emmy Awards for an online-only TV series.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Netflix has since announced that “House of Cards” will return for two more seasons, beginning with the launch of season two on Friday, Feb. 14. Fans of the series are justifiably excited to see what Congressman Frank Underwood has in store for his enemies this season, as it would be tough to top his political machinations in the first season. Best of all, it’s really easy for new fans to get caught up so they can enjoy the second season, as all they need to do is hop into the Netflix app on Xbox 360 or Xbox One to start streaming “House of Cards” from the very beginning.