Killer Combo: Iron Galaxy Takes Over Development of Killer Instinct

Microsoft Studios is teaming up with a new partner, fighting game specialists Iron Galaxy Studios, to bring an action-packed new season of “Killer Instinct” to Xbox One. The two studios will work side by side to develop the next iteration of the fan-favorite franchise and will continue to bring the same high-energy battles to Xbox One with “Killer Instinct” Season Two.

Before handing over the “Killer Instinct” reins to Iron Galaxy, Double Helix has one last treat for fans – starting Wednesday, April 9, Fulgore will join the cast as the final character of Season One. The highly anticipated cyborg will unleash a bevy of signature moves on his enemies, and is sure to add a new dimension of gameplay to one of the most popular games on Xbox One.

Additionally, the team has also added a new Arcade Mode and online lobbies that can accommodate up to eight players per room, enabling a spectator mode that puts you front and center to cheer your friends on through every Combo Breaker and epic finish.

“Killer Instinct” for Xbox One is free to download, and characters are available for purchase starting at $4.99/3.00 Pounds/4.99 EURO each.

Iron Galaxy’s CEO, Dave Lang, sat down with Polygon’s Samit Sarkar and shared all the exciting details on the second season of “Killer Instinct” on Xbox. You can check out more by reading the
full story on Polygon.