Explore Uncharted Territory in Titanfall: Expedition

Get ready for an expedition, “Titanfall” fans: Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment unveiled the game’s first downloadable content pack during a panel at last weekend’s PAX East expo in Boston. Called “Titanfall: Expedition,” it’s got three all-new, all-awesome maps for you to wreck shop on, and — best of all — will be ready to deploy next month.

These new maps represent the latest stomping grounds for the IMC Expeditionary Forces, who have hightailed it into the relative safety of Frontier space to lick their wounds after the Battle of Demeter. An uncharted world provides perfect cover for a new base of operations, with IMC’s crack Titan pilots running simulations (incorporating what they learned back in Airbase Sierra and Angel City) to prep for the battles ahead. But when IMC’s water filtration efforts reveal mysterious ruins in the local swampland, an archaeological team heads out to investigate some possible fortune and glory.

Really, though, that’s just a fancy way of saying “Hey guys, it’s high time to run around and shoot at each other in big honking robots on some fresh new maps!” Expedition’s trio of environments — Runoff, Swamplands, and Wargames — highlight the IMC Expeditionary Forces’ strange new status quo, and they can be yours in May for a cool $9.99 on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. And of course, “Expedition” is just the first in Respawn Entertainment’s planned trio of “Titanfall” DLC packs; the $24.99 season pass will net you each pack as soon as it drops (with a sweet discount to boot!), allowing you to get to the important business of smashing faces that much sooner.

“Titanfall” has a bright future ahead, and we’re excited to discover it alongside all of you.