ID@Xbox Developers Get Unreal Engine 4 for Xbox One

It’s an awesome time for independent developers to bring their unique brands of creativity to a new generation of gaming. With ID@Xbox, we’re committed to helping developers bring their games to Xbox One, while making the development process as seamless as possible. Core to that commitment is providing the tools developers need to succeed, including supporting a quickly expanding catalogue of middleware solutions.

Now, ID@Xbox developers, like all developers on Xbox One, can begin utilizing Unreal Engine 4 for their Xbox One game development. Epic Games first unveiled their new subscription model at GDC in March, enabling developer access to leading-edge tools, features, and complete C++ source code through a subscription licensing model.

Unreal Engine 4 provides a rich suite of tools for content developers including the Blueprint visual scripting system, giving designers and artists unprecedented power to construct gameplay logic without programming, a visual material editor, the Persona animation system, and Matinee timeline-based machinima and cinematics system.

ID@Xbox developers can apply for an Unreal Engine 4 subscription today and, as always, reach out to the ID@Xbox team directly for additional information.

This is just another step in our ongoing efforts to provide developers the tools they need to create stellar games on Xbox One. Stay tuned!