Video For Kinectimals Get Unleashed Onto Windows 8

Kinectimals Get Unleashed Onto Windows 8

Your Windows 8 device and phone are about to get a million times more adorable, because “Kinectimals Unleashed” launches today!

“Kinectimals Unleashed,” a free-to-download mobile sequel to the popular Kinect game for Xbox 360, expands on the world of way-too-cute cats and bears – including 85 animal friends waiting for you! The wild cats and bear cubs make a return, and they’re bringing new friends, as “Unleashed” introduces 15 breeds of puppies to the world of “Kinectimals.”

“Unleashed” expands on the previous “Kinectimals” with way more activities and locations to explore: guide your pet through obstacle courses, toss around a flying disc or bat a few balls. More customization options allow you to decorate play stages for your pets. 

The new social elements are awesome too — they include daily challenges, and the ability to visit other friends’ stages, so that you can totally show off all the new tricks you taught your adorable ocelot. Babou, backflip!

Best of all: “Kinectimals Unleashed” is free-to-download. So what are you waiting for? Grab a Windows 8 device or your Windows 8 phone and start enjoying it today!