Destiny Evolves Multiplayer Combat

The world of “Destiny” is a gorgeous and breathtaking landscape of both desolation and life. We’re amazed by what we’ve seen, and can’t wait for its release (on both Xbox One and Xbox 360) on September 9. But since this is a game developed by Bungie, one question has been burning for a while: What’s the multiplayer like?

At E3 we got the chance to play a few rounds of “Destiny’s” multiplayer mode – known as Crucible – and we’re in love. Of course, you’d expect it to be great; this is Bungie, the team that is best known for creating “Halo,” the series that defined the console first-person shooter.

Fans of multiplayer first-person shooters will feel right at home with “Destiny,” but the game moves in new directions. Everything about it feels like a mix between the Bungie style we all know and love, with cool new weapons, skills, and game mechanics. Our demo consisted of a few rounds of Control, wherein two teams battle over three markers, claiming them to earn points.

Players in “Destiny” are tough – plated in armor, with recharging shields and ridiculously high jumping abilities. And yet, we definitely noticed less of the spray-and-pray gameplay reminiscent of many console shooters and more controlled, focused, full-team maneuvers.

One of the differences between “Destiny” and other shooters is the health bar display above every character. You can see how much health and shield your opponent has left, which better allows you to adapt your strategy on the fly. Knowing that an opponent’s shield is low gives you the knowledge and opportunity to quickly make a move, like switching from an assault rifle to a hand cannon to go for a good, clean headshot. Things like this make “Destiny” a smarter shooter than most.

The multiplayer mode supports character customization, so your single-player character and gear comes with you, letting you show off your creation as you jump over someone and throw a grenade down at their feet.

We haven’t gotten to see the different character classes, dozens of weapons, and skills that “Destiny’s” Crucible mode offers, but with what little we’ve played, we’re sold. “Destiny” is a blast to play, and it gives you the tools to excel in your own unique way, so you’re not just another soldier on the field.