The Awesome Weapons of Destiny

The world of Destiny is a dangerous one, full of numerous races and species that want you super-dead. Luckily, it’s also full of badass guns that allow you to shoot up every alien that picks a fight. Check out the weapon classes and the awesome guns that you can use in Destiny.

Primary Weapons

The primary weapons are going to be your bread and butter for Destiny. They contain the classics: Auto rifles, hand cannons, pulse rifles, and scout rifles. You’ll also probably be switching this weapon out the most, as you figure out which ones suit your style and earn more powerful versions.

Our Favorites
Duke Mk.44 – Hand Cannon: Duke is not a fast weapon; in fact, it’s one of the slowest ones we’ve seen in the primary weapon slot. But damn, does it pack a punch. Few things are more satisfying than pulling out this little guy and blasting the crap out of some Fallen mercenary that gets too close.

Viper P3 – Pulse Rifle
: The Viper P3 is really comfortable. It’s powerful and accurate, and just an all-around well-balanced weapon, making it nice gun to have in any situation. It feels good in our digital hands, lending to many a satisfying kill.

Red Death – Pulse Rifle
: We’d love the Red Death even if the only thing going for it was the bloody bayonet on the front, which makes us feel super-badass. But the weapon also has the ability to regenerate your health, making it extremely handy.

Special Weapons
Special weapons fill the secondary slot, and consist of the more powerful – and more specialized – firearms. These will be your sniper rifles and shotguns.

Our Favorites
Closing Time – Sniper Rifle: In addition to being a powerful (and rare) sniper rifle that can blow the head off an enemy from an insane distance, Closing Time is also just a really cool relic – a contemporary weapon in a futuristic world.

Judgment VI – Shotgun
: The Judgment VI can be a bit unwieldy, but its intense armor-piercing rounds and excellent upgrades kept us hooked on it. It’s one of those guns that you have to learn to use, and has cool effects – like giving you boosts while reloading, and packing an extra punch when you’re on your last round.

Heavy Weapons
The heavy weapons are the biggest, baddest weapons in Destiny. These rocket launchers and machine guns can tear through your enemies… but with limited ammo availability, they’re best suited to the bigger battles.

Our Favorites
Thunderlord – Machine Gun: The Thunderlord exotic machine gun is, as you might guess, one of the louder, more bombastic weapons in Destiny. We love the ability to upgrade its damage in rolling waves of destruction that culminate in exploding rounds.

Harbinger – Rocket Launcher: A good all-around rocket launcher. While we leaned more heavily on machine guns for our heavy weapons, there were times when a rocket launcher provided the appropriate (and awesomely explosive) strategy for taking down our enemies.

Melee Weapons
Each class of Guardian has some awesome melee weapons.

Our Favorites:
Solar Flare: Warlocks can use their super-ability to hurl a little grenade – in the form of a small sun – that expands rapidly, then deals a ton of damage to anyone caught in the blast. You’ll be using this as often as possible.

Hunter Knife
: The hunter knife can be used like a standard slashing weapon, but the Hunter’s special ability allows him/her to throw the energy-charged knife, which explodes when it embeds itself into the skull of your enemy. Hell yes.

Arc Blade
: When Hunters level up to get the Edgewalker subclass, they earn this amazing super-ability. Using the Arc Blade has your character zipping around, slashing up fools with an energy-charged blade. Not something you’ll see from most shooters, but that’s Destiny for ya.

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of the weapons you’ll have at your disposal when
Destiny hits stores for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September 9.