NFL for Xbox and Windows 8 Now Available And Ready To Tackle The 2014 Season

This season, football fans will be able to get a personalized and interactive NFL football experience on their television with Xbox One and on any Windows 8 laptop or PC. The NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 8 brings NFL fans a more immersive and interactive means of experiencing North America’s most popular sport. The NFL app incorporates Microsoft’s trademark Snap feature to give you in-game video highlights, fantasy scoring and stats as you watch your favorite games live. Fans that already have NFL Sunday Ticket Max from DirecTV will be able to watch live games directly through the app – and thanks to the HDMI-in port on the Xbox One, they can watch every live game through their cable or satellite provider, and still have the app snapped to the side of your screen!

Only on Xbox One will NFL content be personal, dynamic and actionable, giving fans immediate access to the highlights, stats and data around their favorite teams and players on the best screen in their home.

If you’re one of the 25 million people in North America that play fantasy football, we have some great news for you, too. The NFL app is now connected to and CBS fantasy leagues, so no matter where you battle your friends for fantasy bragging rights, you can conveniently keep tabs on your teams with Xbox One. We know how important it is for you to follow and track your fantasy teams and player performances in real-time, and the NFL app on Xbox One makes that experience seamless, delivering content that’s important to you to the best screen in your home. The NFL app’s customizable, fan-friendly user interface, combined with real-time scoring updates and unparalleled content via our partnership with the NFL, means only Xbox One can deliver the definitive fantasy football experience to your television.Also beginning today, fans who participate in ESPN Fantasy Football – the industry’s most popular fantasy football game – will be able to track their leagues through the official ESPN app on Xbox One. The new feature allows users to view their team match-ups, standings and scoreboards in real time. Updates will also be viewable via Snap Mode, allowing users to multitask by snapping updates of their fantasy football team onto the right side of the screen while continuing to play their favorite game or watch Live TV.

Of course the ability to snap any aspect of this NFL experience – such as fantasy football highlighted in the image below – ensures fans never miss any of the action while they continue playing a game, watching Netflix, or any other activity available on Xbox One.

This season NFL fans will receive notifications for in-game video highlights for their favorite team and touchdowns from around the league. Furthermore, fantasy players will receive video notifications alerting them to scoring plays related to their fantasy teams. These notifications are immediately actionable, bringing up the associated in-game highlight for viewing in Snap Mode.“We’re excited to work with new content partners ESPN Fantasy Football and CBS, who along with give us the opportunity to deliver a premiere Next Gen TV experience for NFL fans on Xbox One,” said Wil Mozell, General Manager at Microsoft Studios. “We’re also thrilled to bring an exclusive NFL experience to Windows 8, offering a rich on-the-go or companion experience for your Xbox One.”

When there’s not a game on, football fans can check out the NFL Now section of the app. NFL Now features the largest digital library of NFL content, including content from NFL teams, NFL Network, and NFL Films Archive.

The Microsoft NFL App for Xbox One and Windows 8 is available for download today, just in time for the kickoff of the 2014 football season on September 4.