5 Reasons We’re Excited for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Monolith Productions’ upcoming Lord of the Rings universe game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, may look like a familiar sort of experience – but you’ve never played an action game quite like this one. Here are five reason why we’re itching to jump into this very unique take on Middle-earth.

You Can Collect Goblins Like Trading Cards

The Wraith powers in Shadow of Mordor are a really cool addition to the game. By dominating certain enemies, you can take control of them, and use them as a sort of personal army or mercenary service. Even cooler: Dominated enemies can level up and rank up naturally in the world, which lends a strong monster-hunting/role-playing element to the game.

Watch Your Back – Enemies Come for Revenge

The nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor features some of the most impressive long-term character A.I. that we’ve seen. Your actions in the world shape the characters around you. Injure someone, but not kill him? He might hunt you down across the map to exact his revenge.

Brand-new Characters and Familiar Faces Combine

Many of the characters in Shadow of Mordor, like the ranger Talion and the Queen Marwen, are new to the universe – but you’ll also see some returning characters. It wouldn’t be a Middle-earth game without the likes of Sauron and Gollum, both of whom make appearances in Shadow of Mordor.

Chaining Combos and Executions Are Brutal and Awesome

Talion is no pushover. As a badass ranger, you go toe-to-toe with goblins, and orcs, and all manners of fearsome beasts and warriors. But Talion gets a lot stronger when he uses his Wrath powers in conjunction with his sword and bow.

The World Keeps Going… Even When You Die

You’re pretty much immortal in Shadow of Mordor, thanks to that Wraith all up inside of you. But that doesn’t mean the world just stops and waits for you to wake back up after you get stabbed and kicked off a bridge; while you’re making your way back to the earthly realm, the world marches on. Armies shift power, people die, and other characters level up. Everything is always in motion in Mordor.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor launched on Xbox One on September 30, and features all the goblin-slaying and orc army infighting that you could ever wish for.